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Summer  Season

Give your student the chance to dance their summer away filled with fun memories. At the Dance Loft Plus we have a variety of dance opportunities for all ages and skill levels. The summer is a chance for students to start dancing, try new styles, or catch up on skills so they can progress next fall.  All of the summer programs have a performance opportunity at the end of the Summer Dance Season.

Tuition for summer classes are offered in multiple ways depending on what fits best into your summer plans.  If your summer is filled with vacations and activities then the  walk-in rate or punch card with a range from 4 to 10 classes is your best option.  These are also great for multiple students at once, so bring a friend with you to class!  If you know that you will be available for practically every class this Summer Dance Season then consider a monthly or full season rate.  These rates will INCLUDE any provided costumes that your student may need to borrow for a performance.

Recommended Dress code for all summer classes is traditional dance wear however athletic wear or T-shirt and shorts is also acceptable. ABSOLUTELY NO JEANS OR JEAN SHORTS. If  your student is performing in our Summer Showcase, then performance outfits will either be borrowed from the Dance Loft Plus or you will be asked to provide a simple outfit based on easy instructions (such as shades of blue and white, or a pretty dress that is flowy).  It is highly recommended to have 2 forms of shoes available at the studio; Ballet shoes (or tap if you are taking tap) and Keds or lightweight tennis shoes.  We recommend this because we often decide to dance out side during the summer and the parking lot and yard will ruin your dance shoes.  Flip flops and sandals are discouraged because they will break or fly off while doing turns and jumps.