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          Special Abilities is a modern based dance class specifically designed for students with special needs.  Designed around the Anne Green Gilbert's BrainDance this class gives students with special needs the opportunity to have a normal experience in a universally loved art form.  It provides them with an outlet for exercise, creativity, and expressive communication.  One other benefit is that over time the class helps them reconnect nerve circuits in their brain improving balance, coordination, movement functions, and sometimes even speech.

Assisted Abilities

This class takes the same ideas and techniques and modifies the teaching to appeal to those who are more physically restricted. Designed to help students who need a wheelchair, walker, or other forms of assistance.

          BrainDance progresses through a movement sequence that mimics the development from birth; breathing, tactile, head-tail, core-distal, body-side, cross-lateral, and vestibular.  By working through these movement sequences in order; nervous connections in the brain can be reconnected, developed, and strengthened.

Special Abilities‚Äč

The Dance Loft Plus begins each class with this warm-up and then works on movements found in many styles of dance.  Terminology is altered to help them remember how to perform the movement such as a ballet plie is called a "Peek-a-boo" since we practice this with a teddy bear and a jazz chasse is referred to as a "Giddy-up".  Students work on movements in a group setting and on their own with assistance.  Students who require more consistent assistance will be designated with an assistant teacher or family members are welcome to volunteer as their assistant.

Youth | Teen | Adult

These classes focus on developing skills like balance and rhythm. They also participate in the annual recital.