5PM-9PM M-TH                           Call:  937-374-1404

  • Parent Portal: Your Parent Portal is a link to your account, the retail store, your class information and attached videos, music, documents, etc.
  • The following link is a video on the possibilities available through your Parent Portal.  This is an older video so some things might have changed or been added such as zoom class links. 
  • https://www.facebook.com/134051383286743/videos/338513316884157
  • Lobby Protocols ​(hopefully we can eliminate these rules soon.)
  • Masks:  While you are in the lobby with other students please continue wearing a mask. If you are under 10 years old or have health issue while wearing a mask you have the option to not wear a mask.   
  • Distance: Please observe social distancing while putting on your shoes, refilling water bottles, or when entering/exiting the classroom.  6ft might not be physically possible but just allow extra room than usual.


  •  In the front window we have placed a television which will be play the Announcements Slideshow.  The most important announcement will be on the sign on the wall as usual.   Announcements will also be sent out in an Email Blast and posted on the Website Announcement Page.  If it is possible to post announcements in your Parent Portal then we will post them their too.
  • The Television will also display when the students can enter for class; as well as when they can be picked up.
  • End of Class: ​  We will end class with a contactless farewell.  Younger students will receive stickers as a reward for good behavior and progress in learning dance skills.
  • Props: Any Dance Loft Plus props that are used during class will be placed in the props bin next to the door on students' way out of class. These will then be sanitized and put away.  Props that are supplied by the student will be returned to their cubby after class.
  • Sanitize: Use the hand sanitizer on the way out of class
  • Change Shoes: Remember to keep your distance as you get ready to leave.
  • Check-out: Say Goodbye to Ms.Carol on your way out.
  • ​Waiting: Students whose parents have not yet arrived are encouraged to wait in the lobby on the couch.  If a student needs to wait between classes they are encouraged to bring homework and complete it at the small desk.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Outside of each classroom are automatic dispensers of Hand Sanitizer.  Sanitize before entering class and after class is done. More sanitizer is available at the front desk.  

Procedures for

Class, Payments, and Announcements

  • Personal Cubby Boxes:  We have enough cubby boxes for each student to get their own. These are for you to store your shoes, water-bottle, mask, personal props, etc.  You are free to leave anything in your cubby except your water-bottle; please take your water-bottle home to wash.  Feel free to bring a canvas box to place your items in, make sure the box is slightly squish able because they are odd sizes.  Student in multiple classes have a larger cubby box.  
  • Personalize: Please initial or have your name on anything you leave at the studio.  Also have your name on your water-bottle, shoes, and masks. This way if it accidentally gets left behind we can place it in your cubby.

Payments & Purchases

The Dancer Zone

  •  The 3 parking spots directly in front of the door and window of the studio have been painted with pink Zig-Zags.  This is being referred to as The Dancer Zone.   You may pull up into them in order to Drop Off or Pick - Up your dancer; Do Not Wait for them in those spots. Please wait in any of the white parking spots.  Students in Creative Movement, Pre-Level, Basic Level, and Level 1 will NEED to use this zone.  Older classes are allowed to walk across the parking lot once their parent's car has been spotted.

Arrival & Announcements

  • Check-In:  When your class is announced on the Window Television students can enter the Lobby and Check-In with Ms Carol at the front desk.  We ask that in the first few weeks 1 parent brings in any student under 10 years old.  This will allow us to answer your questions, help us familiarize parent/student/vehicle pairing.   
  • Check-Out: When class is done and your parent has arrived in the Dancer Zone or you have permission to walk across the parking lot Stop by the front desk and say Goodbye to Ms Carol for Check-Out.  This will help us know which students are still in the building.


  • Masks & Dance:  Probably the most important question you will have is "Do the students have to wear a mask in classroom? What about the teachers?"  It can be dangerous to exercise/dance with a mask on as it limits the ability to breathe easily when your body is already straining for oxygen. But we understand your concern also for the spread of germs.  So our policy is that the parent can choose if a student should wear a mask during class.   Should mask not be worn in class then please leave them in your cubby box.
  • The Teachers will have a mask on their person at ALL times. When facing away from the students the teachers do not have to wear a mask. This is not only because it is dangerous but also because they have to be able to talk clearly over students, music, shoes and props.  Clear communication is essential when trying to teach dance in a hands-off approach and to maintain  control of the class.  Should hands-on illustration of technique be required (primarily in the youngest levels) Teachers are required to pull their mask up when working one-on-one with students.   
  • If at any point you have concerns about the teachers and their new teaching approach. Please inform us and we will either explain the reasoning or address the situation ASAP.


  • Start At: ​  Before coming into the classroom check the board just outside the door and see where to start either at the barre, in a taped area, on a dot, puzzle piece, or some other place.
  • Taped Area: The dance floors have been taped off to provide social distance while dancing.  When first finding an area stay on the number in the center.
  • Barre: There are green tape marks on the barres to keep students distanced the lower barre are for students in the younger classes and for forming a line while going across the floor.  Students should stand/hold onto the tape mark.  Older students will use the upper barres.  Most of the barres will only allow 1 student per barre, the longest barre (featured in the right picture) has tape to split into 2.