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Dress Rehearsal Location

Central State University


All you would ever need to know about our performances and events.

Picture Day

2019 - May 28

Everyone comes to the studio during an assigned time slot.  We will take individual and group pictures of each class in their costumes.  Students should bring or arrive in their costumes with hair and make-up done as the teachers instruct.  Absolutely NO JEWLRY, NAIL POLISH, OR UNDERWEAR with your costumes.

Every student who is there will get their picture taken and a copy will be posted on the Picture wall throughout the summer and fall.  There are no alternative picture days if you miss then you do not have pictures. You are not required to purchase pictures but please still come to pictures.

​We are going to get through the classes as fast as possible . 

Soloist come when convenient Tuesday

You can order photos up until Recital Day!

Dress Rehearsal
2019 - June 1

Tech Week begins with Picture Night on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday are reserved for classes practicing there dances. Check the schedule for your designated time slot. We end Tech Week with Dress Rehearsal.

This is a practice run of the performance
It is in full Costume, hair, make-up, sets, props, and music.

Dancers should arrive at our dress rehearsal location before their time block.  There are no repeats of a dance because you were late.  Finale dances for both the younger students and older students will be run on the hour.  Once your dancer is done dancing you are free to continue watching or go about your day.

Bring your Costume(s), Shoes, and Accessories.  Absolutely NO JEWLRY, NAIL POLISH, OR UNDERWEAR with your costumes.

Also PLEASE DO NOT INVITE GUESTS to come to Dress Rehearsal.  So Recital Day is a surprise.