Tickets are being sold through the JOHN LEGEND THEATER this year.  Go to their website or call the Box Office and reserve seats for your whole family.  There is no limit on the number of tickets you purchase.  However seats are sold on a first come basis and are reserved seating.  

Families reserving tickets for these dances be sure to mention your dancers name when ordering tickets.  You will receive 1 Comp Ticket for YOUR STUDENT to sit with you during the half of the show they are NOT PERFORMING IN.  

  • Creative Movement: All I Do Is Dream Of You
  • Pre Combo - Xenia: Magic
  • Special Abilities - Jump In The Line (gets 2)


Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm
The box office is closed whenever Springfield City School District is closed..

Wondering or confused about what class your student is in and what time you need to be a recital event? Click the button below to learn the specific times for your student.  Times for Picture Day, Dress Rehearsal, and Recital Day.

You can download or print off  the Recital 101 packet.  This packet will detail much of what you need to know about our annual recital.  Including Dates, Locations, and what will be happening in the week leading up to the recital.

Recital 101

All you would ever need to know about our performances and events. 2023 Recital Details coming soon.

There are a few items that you can purchase through your parent portal that are recital related.  Many of these items are Pre-Sale although we will order extra for late orders or to sell at the theater.  No second order will be placed for more items.  These include Recital T-Shirts, Flower Bouquets, and DVDs. Deadlines are coming quickly so ORDER TODAY!

Remember no Jewelry, Colored Nail Polish, or Underwear (unless in the Creative Movement Class & Special Abilities Class).

5PM-9PM M-TH                           Call:  937-374-1404