Jazz is an energetic form of dance that utilizes theatrical elements, stylized technique, a variety of jumps and turns.  It is a versatile style of dance that can be danced to large selection of musical choices from smooth jazz, to broadway musicals, to the most recent top twenty pop list.  Students build muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and self confidence through the mastery of jazz technique.

​​          Our classes build upon each other starting with coordination and placement of hands, feet, and head.  Students gradually build up the flexibility needed for impressive kicks, splits, and straddles, while learning about correct execution of technique for injury prevention.  As time progresses and their foundational technique, strength, and flexibility becomes mastered we learn turns, jumps and movement progressions that continually get more challenging.  Musicality plays an important role in jazz dance and we will learn musical awareness and how to accent it with our movements or pauses in movements.



          Tap is a style of dance for students fascinated with rhythms, sounds, and the challenge of intricate footwork.  Special shoes with metal taps on the toes and heels are required to learn this dance style.  This style of dance will teach students musical concepts such as beats, rhythms, and counting; balance, lower body coordination, and creative thinking will also be taught.  An emphasis of team work to create a unified sound or complimenting rhythms will be developed over time.  Character development will focus on patience, listening, taking turns, and practice for precision.

​          Our students will begin learning the most basic steps and rhythms.  Building into more complex rhythmic patterns, complex steps, and tricks as they progress through the levels.  In tap technique the steps and sounds build onto the one before it so precision and complete understanding is required before progressing higher.  The technique we teach follows along the class act and rhythmic tap styles of tap dance.

 Technique classes combine styles like: Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary in one class. We mix these styles together because they all have a similar foundation and believe that they offer valuable skills for all dancers. Students who have taken this style of class have improved through Ballet’s strength, Jazz’s flexibility, and Contemporary’s creativity.We encourage dancers who want a greater variety and/or stronger technique to join one of these classes. 

Talk to Miss Kim to determine which level to join.

          Creative Movement is a class for aspiring dancers! Or 2.5 - 4 year olds with energy to be used up.  In this class your student will learn basic dance and movement skills with adapted terminology that they can understand. Students will also be given a chance to work on social skills and basic learning skills.

          Movement skills such as balance, upper & lower body coordination, and coordination across the body are taught first by traditional methods then reenforced in a creative way with props or dance games that retain their attention.  Students will learn the importance of taking turns, working with a partner or small group, and polite behavior towards other students and their teachers.  We will also work on skills such as directions, Left & Right sides, opposites, and more, which are all needed when dancing at any age.

Technique Classes

Creative Movement

 Ages 3-4

          We look at Ballet as a foundational building block in any dance style.  The technique learned in it carries over to every other style of dance that we teach.  Skills learned in this style of dance also translate into daily living and sports.
          Ballet develops many elegant qualities in an individual such as grace, poise, carriage, and balance.  It will also improve a students strength in their feet, arms, calves, and core muscles over time.  Patience, control, and perseverance are also aspects of a student's character that can be formed through ballet. We teach students classical terms and techniques in intriguing ways encouraging them to remember and perfect them. Helping them become the best ballerinas they can be.

Our youth program is a non competitive program that focuses on teaching youth ages 3 through 18 the joys of performance dance.  Our classes are structured in a 3-5 part lesson plan that will warm-up their muscles, teach them technique in their style of dance, and allow them to explore and develop their own creativity through dance.  A variety of dance styles are available for both girls and boys to participate in. We value the safety and growth of our students as dancers so we offer levels instead of age groups allowing your student to progress at their own rate. 

Class Descriptions 

Ages 3-18

5PM-9PM M-TH                           Call:  937-374-1404