2 Seasons - Winter & Spring

We have decided to go to a 2 season arrangement so that we can easily handle any changes that might occur in this uncertain future we are facing.  It will allow the students to feel as if they are working towards something sooner.  And if we see the need to close the season early it will not feel as if our season is being cut extremely short.

Each Season will have approximately 20 weeks from the first day of class to the performance date.

  1. Winter Season: August 3, 2020 - December 19, 2020
  2. Spring Season: January 11, 2021 - June 6, 2021

It does mean that the Winter season will have an earlier start date by a couple of weeks.  We will still have our Breaks at Thanksgiving and Spring Break.  We will also get an extra week off at Christmas & New Years.

Tuition can be charged Monthly, 1 Season, or 2 Seasons.  1 Season is 5 Months long and will apply a 5% discount for Full Payment.  2 Season payments will cover 10 Months and we will apply a 10% discount.  An Additional 5% off each Month will be applied for multiple classes or multiple family members.  Smaller payment plans can be arranged but no discounts will be applied.  With monthly payments we recommend signing up for Auto-payments or paying through your Parent Portal. Checks and Cash will still be accepted but please wait until all students are in class before coming in to pay at the front desk.

We are going to aim for 2 performances.  The Winter performance this year will be The Nutcracker and the costumes will be supplied from the Costume Barn. Your tuition covers the cleaning fee for this costume that will be returned for the next Winter Season. The performance venue and details of the Winter Performance are still being figured out. The Annual Recital is the Spring Season Performance and will be on June 6, 2020 at Central State University. New costumes will be purchased for this show and are covered through your tuition and belong to you once the season is complete.


For the safety of our students and staff we are making some changes to how we offer and conduct classes.

  1. New Classes: We have created a few new class offerings for those who are Covid Conscience and do not wish to participate in the traditional class setting.  Further information on these classes can be found in our Novelty Classes.  
  2. Limiting Class Sizes:  It is impossible to maintain social distancing 100% of the time while dancing but we are going to do our best to maximize the times that we can.  To do this we have to limit our classes to ONLY 6 STUDENTS PER CLASS.  A waitlist will be formed once the class has filled and we will find a way to open a second class. The only 2 exceptions to this ruling is if there is only 1 student on the waitlist, and the Creative Movement Class which we will be requiring a parent or family member to attend with them.
  3. Staggered Class Times: The schedule has been arranged so that there is always only 1 class entering and exiting the building at a time.   We have also allowed 5 minutes between classes in each room so that surfaces and props can be cleaned.  This unfortunately means that the times of classes are not neat time blocks that are easy to remember.  We recommend you simply remember the nearest 5-10 minutes and come wait in the parking lot until your class is called.
  4. Props: Our teachers love to. be unique in their teaching methods and that frequently involves props.  Due to the need to clean props between classes we are limiting the kinds of "Soft" props (ie. stuffed animals, scarves, flowers, scrunchies, etc) within the classroom.  Instead we recommend that you add a few of these props to your dance bag so that you can use them when needed.  A list of suggested props will be emailed to you prior to the first day and most likely posted to your Parent Portal.
  5. Water & Snacks:  Until further notice our water fountain will be unavailable to students.  We recommend that you bring your own water bottle to class and leave it in a cubby.  Please have your name or initials on it.  Remember we also have the Dance Loft Plus Ombré bottles and tumblers for sale at the studio or through your parent portal and they can be personalized.  Please do NOT BRING snacks inside the building unless you are in Tech 3, TEACH, or EPE. 
  6. Peek Weeks: The 1st Week of every month has been known as PEEK WEEK.  As of right now the in classroom peek weeks are canceled so we can limit the number of people in the classroom for health concerns.  Instead we are researching how to do Virtual Peek Weeks either through Zoom, or other outlets.  We also understand that you might be concerned about what is going on in class when you can't be in the lobby to watch or listen through the door and windows.  We are researching into this as well. 

Summary of Changes for 2020 Classes

  • 2 Seasons - Winter & Spring
    • Each approximately  20 weeks
    • Earlier Starting Date
    • Auto Pay or Parent Portal Payments Encouraged.
    • Digital Waivers & Signatures
  • Changes specific to classes
    • Staggered start times
    • Limit 6 students per class
    • Bring your own water, props, etc.
    • Virtual Peek Weeks
  • New Classes
    • Creative Movement becomes
    • Family & Me (Mommy & me)
    • Family & Friends Class
    • Private lessons
    • Zoom Classes
  • Protocol Changes
    • Assigned Cubby Boxes
    • Lobby Closed 
    • Drop Off & Pick Up Zones
    • More Details coming

Covid-19 Changes 

5PM-9PM M-TH                           Call:  937-374-1404

This page details the changes coming with the 2020 Dance Season.  These changes have been put into place because of concerns for student, parent, and teacher health during the Covid-19 Pandemic. As time progresses forward we will adjust, add or remove protocols to continue safely providing dance classes to your students.  

Enrollment & Waivers

You can still register in all the previous ways... Online here, through your parent portal, send us an email or Facebook message, give us a call, or stop by the studio during Open Hours Tuesday - Thursday 5-7pm.  It is important to UPDATE any email addresses and any phone numbers you wish to receive alerts on.  We will be relying predominately on those two sources for communication.  

The Newsletter will be sent via email and on the Announcements link of the website. And we will be utilizing the OneCallNow system more also.  Your Parent Portal is another connection we have to communicate with you. It allows us to post so many things specific to your class or the studio as a whole so please check that regularly.

Every year we require you to sign an update Liability Waver as well as a Photo & Media Release forms.  

We are looking into how these can be signed and filed digitally.  

More Information will be Coming Soon.


Details about lobby protocol and classroom protocols are listed on the Protocols page.  Please read details prior to first class.