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Gold Classes


Ages 19+

Beginning October 1

45 Minute Class

Weekly | $10

4 Week Pass | $30

8 Week Pass | $60


Jazz | TBA

Tap | TBA

Jazz | TBA

Collegiate Classes

Collegiate Classes are for the dancer who has danced all their life but are now at college and do not want to stop dancing.  These classes offer Intermediate/Advanced  level technique and choreography.  They are 1 hour long and will once again challenge your mind and body in the style of dance you love.

These classes are Beginner/Intermediate levels of experience.  The teacher will asses the class as a whole and offer modification options for those ready to try harder.  Class is 1 Hour long and will work on technique, pose, form, and choreography.  As your experience grows the technique and choreography reflect that growth.


Ballet | TBA

Ballet | TBA

We also offer classes  designed specifically for the matured dancer.  Did you know that  moving keeps you young?  This class is a Beginner Level offering modifications to movements andutilizes various techniques and styles..

Adults Special Abilities  |  Wednesday 

7:15-8:00pm Summer 6:00 - 6:45pm Fall

Inquire About


Ages 60+

Currently included in Adult Classes

Tap | TBA

Adult Classes


These classes are non-recital participants.  We meet just for exercise and social purposes. No pressure and any skill level is invited to join.

Our Adult Program is a new program offering Adults age 18 and over the opportunity to begin dancing or return to dancing year round.  There are multiple classes established to offer adults of every ability and skill level someway to dance.  All classes in the adult program are to help adults exercise, stretch, relax, hang out, and just have fun.  None of these classes participate in the recital! Attendance for these classes is tracked by a Dance Card that has an established number of classes.  Come when it fits into your schedule.