Miss Kim has a Bachelor's Degree in Education, in the field of Kinesiology specializing in Dance.  She has a heart for teaching and makes each student feel like they have the ability to dance and dance well.  She loves to use props as a new way for the proper technique to be learned.  Dance games are a reward for great behavior, learning a new skill, and even to celebrate birthdays!  
With the older students she teaches them not only how to do the steps correctly & safely but how to recognize when they are performed wrong and to self-correct. She promotes encouragement between students rather than competition.  And help each student recognize how their strengths and weaknesses make each person unique and beautiful.


​Our teachers have a passion for teaching everyone!  They teach students the different dance styles in a way that everyone can learn it.  Then they think beyond the box to new ways of reinforcing those dance steps in a way that makes dancing exciting and memorable.  We bring in a wide variety of  props, alter traditional games for dance class, and have the students bring in their own creativity.

Miss Mindy started dancing at the dance loft in 2000. During the 2012-2013 dance season she was a student teacher and aught Creative Movement, Pre-Tap and Basic Jazz. She recently graduated from Taylor University with a degree in Photography. Miss Mindy will be teaching classes in our middle age group classes; as well as taking care of various office needs we have.

5PM-9PM M-TH                           Call:  937-374-1404

Miss Mindy

​Instructor | Media Manager


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Miss Kim

​Owner | Instructor

We want our studio to be a second home for your family.  There is a lobby for waiting family members with comfortable seating options, free wi-fi, books, and movies.  A playroom allows young students and siblings the opportunity to have fun and socialize building friendships outside of the classroom.  

Students will dance and experience movement in one of our two classrooms.  Each classroom is equipped with professionally sprung dance floor, ballet barres at various heights, mirrors, and a sound system.  There are also a selection of props available in each classroom.


Ms. Carol

​Office Manager

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Ms. Carol is who you will meet at the front desk each night.  

She is a welcoming and loving woman who is there to help you understand everything going on at the studio.  Financial challenges, absences, scheduling issues, and the confusion that comes at recital she is the one to see.  She wants to learn about your likes and dislikes, challenges, and achievements from both the students and their families.